Lessons & Courses

Here is a list of the services we offer...



One hour lessons are recommended for anyone over the age of 14 and is the ideal format for anyone learning guitar. An hour sounds like a long time but believe me it will fly by! One hour lessons are priced at £20 but check the gift card page for block booking discounts.

Parent & Child

Learning together

Why not reduce the cost of learning an instrument by accompanying your little one on their musical adventure! A great way to spend time together and motivate each other.

Beginners Course

8 week course

Our 8 week beginners course will teach you everything you need to know about beginning your guitar journey and will even have you playing your first batch of songs!

Drop in Classes & Jam Nights

Weekly sessions

We also run a weekly drop in group class every monday evening for all levels and abilities. Acoustic, electric and bass players are welcome to come along and join in.

Improvers Courses

Is there a certain aspect of guitar playing you would like to focus on or improve?
One of our Improvers Courses are a cost-effective way of advancing your abilities and meeting like minded people.
Email us or fill out the contact form to request a detailed course overview for one or all of our courses.

Introduction to the Blues

6 week course

The Introduction To The Blues Course is a fantastic way to take your first steps into a style that has been a staple of great guitar playing for decades. The course covers a wide range of ideas and techniques to really allow your playing to develop. All learning materials are provided weekly and you will receive both digital and hard copies of the course booklet.

Introduction to Finger Picking

4 week course

If you are fan of folk, spanish or classical music or simply like the sound of an acoustic guitar picked rather than strummed then come along to our fingerpicking course. It's a great way to advance your acoustic playing and these techniques can be applied to all areas of popular music.

Scales & Improvisation

6 week course

The Basic Scales And Improv Techniques Course leads you step by step into the scary world of scales and solos. Though sometimes daunting, this course is designed to help you begin to navigate your first guitar scales and apply them to your lead guitar work. All learning materials are provided weekly and you will receive both digital and hard copies of the course booklet.

Acoustic Arrangement

4 week course

Our acoustic arrangement course is aimed at players with a good knowledge of open chords. We deconstruct your favourite songs and teach you a variety of techniques to perform full band songs armed only with an acoustic guitar.